CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 286
8.102 Think of families where emotional and mental abuse is rife.
8.102.1 This is an abhorrent use of mental power.
8.102.2 It rebounds to the abuser in many, many ways – ill-health, sickness,
addictions, depression and loss of self-esteem.
8.103 However, do not use your brains, intellect, insight, knowledge,
education as a platform from which to criticise, judge or condemn
others who do not measure up to your own standards of efficiency
or goodness in any area of your life.
8.103.1 At the same time – since to criticise, judge and condemn is as natural
as breathing to the human ego, do not attempt to deny
your perceptions of what might be improved
8.103.2 To do so is to deny the reality of the evolutionary process.
8.104 The purpose behind existence is to experience
– and improve upon your experiences.
8.104.1 Therefore, do not judge or condemn or reject
the deficiencies you observe in others but take your perceptions
immediately to Divine Consciousness and continually ask
for a Divine Resolution of the problem
8.105 Hold fast to the realisation that wherever, whenever,
Divine Consciousness is drawn into a problem
the end result is always growth and development for all concerned.
8.106 Try to bear in mind always, you are on earth
to bring Divine Consciousness down into your daily life,
relationships and circumstances.
8.106.1 You are there to use your minds for this special purpose.
8.107 When I said I have come to help you find LIFE more Abundant,
I meant that I have come to help you work through your
magnetic-emotional bondage and to find and make true contact
with DIVINE LIFE – the Source of your being.
8.107.1 Out of this contact comes increased LIFE which far transcends
the physical life you draw from your food alone.
8.107.2 Out of this contact comes spiritual direction, protection,
and a Divinely Inspired Path. You could call this 
‘The Path of Christ Consciousness’.