CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 285
8.98 At the same time – consider how you have used your talents
throughout your life time. Have you been engrossed entirely in creating
happiness and pleasures for yourself – or have you devoted time also
to the upliftment or improvement of the life of others?
8.98 It is a terrible thing to have been given talents above the average and
to end your lives having squandered them in self-indulgent modes of living.
8.98.1 Whatever lessons you have failed to learn,
whatever growth you have evaded, whatever development in spirituality
you have deliberately avoided
– are mountains you have created for yourself to climb
in your next lives. They will obstruct your path and will have
to be dealt with – spiritually – or again repeated in a further life.
8.99 It is not necessary to make a great way in the world,
achieve advancement or wealth or fame.
8.99.1 You can use your talents as a parent, seeking the best means
of becoming successful in your job of promoting your children’s well-being.
8.99.2 What higher calling is there than to be a good loving parent,
more especially if you take as your role model the Divine Father-Mother
which is entirely directed at growth, nutrition of mind
and body, healing of mind and body, regeneration of mind and body,
protection in every form and the fulfilment of every need of mind, emotions,
body – within a system of Law and Order and Unconditional Love.
8.99.3 As a parent – have you measured up to the Consciousness
of your Divine Source of Being?
8.100 Some of the people who have made best use of their talents have been
servants – those who have looked after other people’s children
with devotion and love, cleaning the house with conscientious attention to detail,
creating a peaceful calm and caring environment for the employer
with love and gentleness. These are the great souls, the ones who have
made paths for themselves leading directly into the Kingdom of Heaven.
8.101 Alternatively, there are people who have used their talents
for the purposes of the destruction of others to feed their vanity
and the cold emptiness within their own hearts.
8.101.1 Ultimately, their use of their minds has led to their own destruction.
8.101.2 Think of the people in history and in the present time,
who have brainwashed others into rebellion. They have become dictators. Then think about the likely end of such dictators. Such people have abused the privileges bestowed by mind power
and they eventually pay the price, but not before they have ruined
thousands of lives for no good reason, for there could never be
a good reason for turning countries into war-torn wildernesses
and ruining a prosperous economy.