CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 284
8.91 There is no GOD who needs to be pleased by your behaviour.
8.92 You are masters of your fate in that you always reap what you sow.
8.93 All of the foregoing pages have been directed at giving you details
of how to avoid sowing weeds in your vegetable patch,
how to remain healthy, happy, prosperous.
8.94 A time will come in your spiritual development when you will awaken
to the enormous gift you have in your head – the gift of creative,
intelligent thinking, and you will also become aware
of the enormous responsibility you bear towards the way you use it.

8.95 There are wonderful people in your world who have used their minds
In such a way as to gain insight and growth
from the daily challenges in their lives.
8.95.1 Step by step, by probing, analyzing, moving on to new viewpoints,
higher understanding, they fashion new ideals for themselves.
8.95.2 They adopt these ideals as guidelines for their future behaviour.
8.95.3 By these means they are able to purify their thinking, words, actions,
in order to re-define their mode of conduct in the world
and of attending to relationships.
8.95.4 These are self-made people – but rarely do you find that they
have not also drawn strength, insight, inspiration, emotional stability
from the higher source – Divine Consciousness
or their perception of what they may call GOD.

8.96 When on earth, I told the people a story – the parable of the ‘Ten Talents’.
8.96.1 I said that a Lord of much wealth was going abroad for a while
and he left each of his three servants a sum of money. To one, he gave ten talents, to another – five
– and the last one he gave one talent.
When he returned, he asked each servant what use they had made of the money. One said he had doubled the master’s investment, and the other
said he had gained half again, and the last man said he had sat on it,
fearing to lose what he had been given. The master complimented the first two servants on their efficiency
and ingenuity, but he was angry with the servant who had not attempted
to make anything at all of the one talent left in his care.