CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 283
8.86 You must accept the reality of a person
– whether you agree with it or not,
even if a facet causes you shock or displeasure.
8.86.1 Remember, you do not know the full circumstances out of which
that human consciousness has grown into its present form.
8.86.2 If you judge, criticise, condemn in any way, you have erected a barrier
between yourself and that person which will not be removed,
no matter how much you may wish to overlook everything negative in him
and become friends in the future.
8.86.3 Unknowingly, what you reject in him will remain in your consciousness
as a foundation for future discords which will build up
and eventually outweigh the affection. Unwittingly, you will say things in the future reflecting
your underlying secret mistrust or displeasure. Instead of accepting his weaknesses with love
and helping him deal with and overcome them, you will put him
on his guard against you and he will never fully trust you. Your ego and his ego will have had a secret battle
which neither of you will be aware of consciously.
8.87 Love could turn to hate. Remember
in which thoughts and feelings are deposited as in a safety box.
Let acceptance and caring be the steel of which the box is made.
8.88 When you have an encounter with someone to whom you are drawn,
if only in friendship, and you discover that there are elements in his past
which are contrary to your principles – you have the option:
8.88.1 to remain in contact with him, fully accepting his past,
and possibly in future situations pointing out the characteristic
logically and lovingly, helping him grow,
or if this is impossible,
8.88.2 promptly removing yourself from the situation until you can see
his problems from the perspective of loving acceptance inspired
by Divine Consciousness and you find him receptive to your principles.
8.89 You must never accuse a person of acting out of an ego-impulse.
8.89.1 All human beings are ego driven to a greater or lesser extent. Never take a stance which will humiliate another!