CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 282
8.80 If, however, you should refuse to listen and empathise
and accept with loving forgiveness, the truth of another person,
the rejection creates an emotional ‘magnetic rejection’ energy
which joins and re-inforces other residues of rejection energy force
within the consciousness electromagnetic fields of your entire system.
8.80.1 ‘Rejection magnetism’ depletes the ‘bonding magnetism’ between cells
and ill health sets in.
8.80.2 This fact of existence is the ground
of all psychosomatic medicine.
8.81 People who constantly blame and judge others and keep
a wholly closed mind in regard to their own part in conflict,
eventually experience some kind of radical breakdown
in their physical or emotional make-up.
8.81.1 If they can monitor and work on this tendency to exercise control,
judge others and exonerate themselves from blame,
and can eventually give their soul full mastery in their personality,
the breakdown of whatever kind it is, will ultimately disappear completely.
8.82 If, during conflict with another, you give time, space and understanding
but only encounter stubborn resistance in the form of
a continual statement of personal aggrieved feeling,
then you are dealing with ego blindness
and the only thing to do is to laugh,
concede defeat, and walk away.
8.82.1 Providing you walk away with forgiveness and understanding
of their controlling ego, you may have conceded defeat
but you gained a victory over self and refrained from introducing
negative vibrations into your consciousness field.

8.83 The very worst thing you can do to promote discord
is to tell a person
“they shouldn’t feel a certain way” or
“they do not mean what they are saying”.
8.83.1 These two sayings are a gross violation of the dignity
and respect due to the other
and you have rejected the human reality of the other person.

8.84 You may question a person: “Do you really mean what you are saying?”
8.84.1 If the answer is “yes” then it must be accepted
and the discussion should continue from that point.