CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 281
8.77.1 you are making an effort to control your ego
as a prelude to unconditional love.
8.77.2 you are working to achieve peace
and understanding between you – not points.
8.77.3 your reply should not lead to further conflict because
you have used words likely to further upset him. If it does – then your ego has won the round against you.
Your psyche has lost.
8.78 If you are both living in the spiritual frequencies of consciousness,
it will follow that your opponent will accord you the same response of listening, thinking and acknowledging your position, as you gave him,
but if he lives entirely in the earthly consciousness frequencies,
you may encounter difficulties. He may feel you are trying to score points
by being holy, superior or bigger in some way.
8.78.1 Calm him down; tell him it is painful to have conflict between you.
8.78.2 You are only trying out a method to ensure both of you get
a fair hearing from the other, and reach a truly mutual
forgiving reconciliation instead of a superficial one
when hurt feelings are left to fester in the mind and heart and body.
8.78.3 You should each give the other the right to disagree in gentle words
– giving valid reasons for the disagreement.
8.78.4 Find the fortitude within yourself to recognise that you,
as a human being, cannot possibly be always right since you,
like everyone else,has been born with a controlling ego-drive
which forces you to take up and strongly defend the position of top-dog. Remember that whilst you believe yourself to be top-dog,
he too believes the same thing. Humanly, he believes himself to be at least on an equal level
with yourself if not superior. Whatever his ego causes him
to think about himself and his point of view, is exactly the same
as your ego causes you to think about your opinions and ideas.