CHRIST Returns Life and Experiences of Jesus
Letter 1 rosepage 28

I was born in Palestine. My mother was convinced that I would be
a Messiah. Contrary to popular belief, I was not a saintly child.
1.67.1 When taken to the Temple, aged twelve years old, to be interviewed
by the Chief Priests to determine whether I would be fit to enter Jewish
Religious Training, I was rejected as being too opinionated.
1.68 Bitterly disappointed, my mother took me home again and did her best
to raise me in the sanctity which marked her own demeanor at all times.
1.68.1 This was an impossible task for I was, above all things,
an individualist and unruly in behavior.
1.68.2 I resented my mother’s guidance and her attempted discipline.
As a youth, I became unmanageable – a true rebel!
1.69 I rejected my mother’s staunch adherence to the Jewish faith
and traditions, preferring laughter to sanctimonious attitudes.
1.69.1 I refused to learn a trade which would have bound me down to routine.
1.69.2 I chose to mix with all and sundry of the poorer classes,
drank with them, knew prostitutes, and enjoyed talking,
arguing, laughing, and being bone idle.
When I needed money, I went into the vineyards
for a day or two or took other jobs paying me enough
to eat and drink and give me the leisure I craved.
1.70 For all my many shortcomings as a human being, my careless, easy,
indolent attitudes, my self-will and ego-centric determination
to think my own thoughts irrespective of what others might try to tell me,
I cared about people very deeply.
1.71 I was deeply emotional. In your present speech forms,
you would call me ‘over-reactive’, ‘over-emotional’.
had a warm, compassionate, empathetic heart.
1.71.1 I was deeply moved in the presence of sickness, affliction and poverty.
1.71.2 I was a staunch supporter of what you call the under-dog.
1.71.3 You might say I was a people’s person.
1.71.4 I lived with them closely, in a spirit of comraderie;
I listened to their woes, understood, and cared.
1.72 It is important to understand my true origins and my early
youthful characteristics because these were the goads
which pushed and prodded me into eventual Christhood.