CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 279
8.70 When overtaken by a serious confrontation
in which neither of you are prepared to yield an iota of ground,
go away on your own and take time to realise that
what you are engaged in is a battle of consciousness.
8.70.1 The battle is not enjoined only as a result of what was actually done
and said in a moment of extreme heat – what really took place
was the upshot of what you both are – in consciousness.
8.70.2 This involves your backgrounds.
8.70.3 The conflict springs from the personality itself,
the type of ego drive a person possesses,
the basic perceptions of right and wrong,
the normal attitudes each have towards other people and life generally.
8.71 Therefore, when you have conflict or confrontation,
tell your opponent you are taking time off to stand still
and quieten your mind to be able to listen more helperly.
8.71.1 Then – be very wise. Call on Divine Consciousness
for an intervention of Loving Consciousness into the situation.

8.71.2 Try to realise – and visualise – that both of you
stand in the Light of Divine Consciousness,
equal in soul origins, equal in destiny
– equally real, equally human, equally unique. Until you can fully immerse yourself in this realisation
– this state of mind – you are not yet ready to stand
in the Divine Light to lovingly sort out your conflict and hurt feelings.

8.72 Return to your opponent and suggest you should meet
and each have five or ten full minutes in which to clearly, quietly,
explain your point of view, your perception of what was actually said
– what the fight is really about,
how feelings were hurt, how the matter should be resolved.
8.72.1 Choose to let the other speak first and again
surrender the situation to Divine Consciousness.
8.72.2 If there is a great deal of bitter accusation taking place, try to
subdue your own ego and remain absolutely silent and calm.
8.72.3 This will be a great help to the other speaker, since he will feel
he is being heard. It will obviate the feeling of frustration. Rationally, realise you are helping your opponent but
do not puff yourself up for being superior!
8.73 Try your best to see how much of what is being said is true about yourself
– whatever it may be, if valid, bite your tongue and accept it.