CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 278
8.65.2 This conflict will leave you feeling jaded and dis-spirited. And you will probably never realise that all alone and unassisted
– you have wrought this negative transformation in yourself!
8.65.3 People, on the spiritual path, frequently do this to themselves
and hinder their spiritual development,
never stopping to question what right they have
to relapse in this self-indulgent exercise.
8.66 People use their minds recklessly,
blighting their lives and the lives of other people
with their thoughts and words arising from their ego-drive.
8.66.1 For it is only your thought life and emotional upheavals
which end in quarrels and mayhem – not your faces, bodies,
hands and legs unless the quarrels end in physical abuse.
8.66.2 But even bodily conflict has its origins in the frustration
of the ego within mind and emotions,
and conveyed to the limbs to vent the uncontrollable wrath.
8.66.3 In this way, marriages – and friendships – begin in mutual joy
and eventually end in misery and mutual rejection – because people
find it impossible to channel their ego-drive into life
and love-preserving modes of self-expression.
8.67 Parents and children express mutual love until the teen years,
and then hatred enters the scene and sours the relationship
when children rebel against authority
and parents react with self-righteous abuse.
8.67,1 Again, there is no need for such conflict.
8.67.2 Parents must surely realise that
every generation fights to find its feet in the adult world
and do things more innovatively than did their elders?
8.67.3 How can young people thrive if shackled to youthful bondage?
8.68 When children become young adults, this is growing time for parents,
who must now prepare for the next stage of their life
– the more inspired use of their latent talents, and then old age,
acceptance of their past follies and mistakes, and, at last,
a peaceful transition into eternal Light.
8.69 Why quarrel? Why fight?
8.69.1 People wholly controlled by ego let fly and hammer away for their rights.
8.69.2 Spiritually mature people solve problems
by discussing them empathetically.