CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 277
8.60.2 They also bring what is real in their thinking to others
who are burdened with magnetic emotional responses to life.
8.60.3 They have been the means in a small way,
of relieving the pain experienced in modern society.
8.61 Whilst on this journey towards LIGHT, the Celestial Kingdoms
of Divine Consciousness
, you will undoubtedly undergo rocky
and bumpy experiences until you achieve your true goal.
8.61.1 You will experience times of wondrous joy
and times when your heart is heavy and your emotions dragged this way
and that because you feel there is an impenetrable barrier
between yourself and Divine Consciousness.
8.61.2 You may have heard of these dark times of inner distress
when a person no longer knows what he is meant to be doing
or where he should be going.
8.61.3 Then, suddenly, just when this spiritual isolation is no longer bearable,
and the traveller has surrendered his inner self completely, Light illumines
the mind, and the person will see some marvellously deeper truth
concerning existence, will perceive, more clearly, his SOURCE of BEING.
8.61.4 He will be filled with joy because GOD has spoken.
8.61.5 Yes, DIVINE_LIFE has penetrated his consciousness and lifted him safely
along the path leading to the attainment of the highest spiritual
consciousness of the Celestial Kingdoms – the Kingdom of Heaven.
8.62 Therefore, the way forward is through the means of such moments
of profound revelations. They must be treasured and remembered
otherwise all the spade work of the self will be lost,
and the seeker will be continually pushed back to where he began the search.
8.63 Faith must be strong at all times. Dithering about avails nothing.
8.64 When I descend into your planes or dimensions of consciousness,
I have seen seriously inclined seekers of Truth uplifted for a few hours
and joyfully telling people of their experience, and then, a little while later,
doubting what they were so certain they had received earlier.
8.64.1 This slows down the process of spiritual development.
8.64.2 These times of doubt should be strenuously resisted
and overcome by meditation and prayer. For what is DOUBT
but an undermining of what you have known and believed in!
8.65 DOUBT is a negative creative consciousness force directed against
the very experience of DIVINE_LIFE which lifted your spirit on high!
8.65.1 You create within yourself a little war between your experience
of Divine Consciousness and your human blindness. You will probably
destroy the memory of that divine moment and erase all vestiges
of spiritual upliftment and development it brought into your consciousness.