CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 276
8.53.6 In this way, his consciousness frequencies of vibration will be elevated
and he will gradually move towards the Celestial Kingdoms of Consciousness
– the Kingdom of Heaven
8.54 Alternatively, a woman may only feel secure by not disturbing the present
status quo. She is afraid to speak out when treated with a lack of respect.
8.54.1 Such a meek person, whilst more comfortable taking refuge in silence,
will also suffer deep resentments because
people do not respect her passive personality. Such people usually turn to religion for comfort and reassurance
and because of noncomprehension of the laws of existence; she will
probably remain static in her meekness till the end of her time on earth.
8.55 Indeed, because of my words recorded in the gospels:
“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”,
the church has taught that meekness is to be commended,
she may feel that her meekness is the way to the LIGHT.
8.55.1 However, if the meek little lady should find the TRUTH
concerning her being and should find the right way
to make contact with Universal Consciousness
she will eventually be told inwardly and clearly that, spiritually, she is
the equal of everyone else. She will be inspired to express herself well.
8.55.2 She will be given the strength to speak her truth
in a more confident and attractive way.
8.55.3 People will begin to respect this new person and she will be manifesting
the inner spiritual development gained during her times spent in meditation.
8.56 Remember, you are not on earth to please GOD, as your church may tell you. 8.57 You are on earth to express GOD and to make ever closer
and closer contact with Universal Consciousness
until you become free of the magnetic-emotional bondage.
8.58 I must make it clear that my words have been mistranslated in the gospel.
I said: “Blessed are those with peaceful hearts for they will inherit the earth”.
8.59 If you contemplate the world, you will see that those countries
with peaceful hearts prosper and live in harmony with their neighbours.
8.59.1 Where there are upheavals and genocide, this turbulence
is the direct manifestation of the consciousness of the inhabitants. Such a consciousness destroys a country
and begets poverty and illness.
8.60 Sometimes, a country such as Tibet, adoring its own isolation
and spiritual rituals and beliefs, may be suffocating
under the weight of its own human/spiritual creations.
8.60.1 The inhabitants need to be forced out into the turbulent world
that they may put their beliefs to the test.