CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 275
8.51.2 At the same time, you have to understand that your ego must,
(of necessity to enable you to survive), make you believe
you are of value to yourself and other people. Any external serious challenge
regarding the value of the self is highly destructive. A desperate fear and internal subsidence of confidence
will lead to the conviction that you are without value in the world,
and suicide can be the natural outcome.
8.52 Therefore, your progress will and must be gradual.
8.52.1 No one should ever expect people to be wholly changed
by words of advice or times of inspiration.
8.52.2 Growth can only take place very gradually – one insight at a time.
8.52.3 A true spiritual insight will imbue a person’s mind with an altogether
new point of view which will enable him to begin to approach
certain related circumstances in life differently. This insight must direct the person’s actions
until it has been absorbed completely into the consciousness
for eternity and becomes part of the soul evolution.
8.53 For instance, a man may have the idea that he will be successful in life
if he enforces his will aggressively on those who come within his orbit.
8.53.1 He believes he will be better heard if he shouts. Then he may wake up to the fact that no one likes him much
and he is avoided by employees and friends. He may become more aggressive because he now feels humiliated, or,
if he is an evolving soul, he will question what he can do about his isolation.
8.53.2 The moment that DIVINE LIFE seeps into his consciousness PSYCHE
and makes him realise that he, himself, avoids people who shout,
he will have a flash of inspiration. He will realize that, to be happy
and successful, he should treat others as he likes to be treated.
8.53.3 You may argue that this perception is not necessarily inspired
but is born of common sense, that he himself was responsible
for arriving at this realisation. However, this is not so.
8.53.4 Ego thoughts are dictated solely by the bonding~rejection impulses,
any new wisdom comes from LOVING INTELLIGENCE. This may be the last inspired flash of insight he will ever have,
but if he is truly on a spiritual path and seeking
the highest dimensions of attainment, he will gradually perceive that
this first overcoming of the ego is not enough. He will begin to see other previously unsuspected
selfish patterns of behaviour.
8.53.5 He will define a further goal just out of reach at that moment, but
very shortly, with prayer and meditation, he will have achieved that goal also.