CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 274
8.47 Because of the discomfort and the tug-of-war between the evolving soul
and the human ego, (which demands to look good rather than BE GOOD,
and yet cannot bear the thought that it may ever be imperfect), there are
few people receiving inspiration and passing it on to others at this time,
who will speak about the need to go through a period of inner cleansing.
8.47.1 Modern people are conditioned to instant service, instant light, instant heat, instant food, drink, clothes and entertainment,
and therefore are not attracted to a TRUTH which involves self-sacrifice,
hard work and total dedication to the goal.
8.47.2 Besides which, many of these teachers are making a good deal of money
out of their activities and they must present a Truth that will sell! section sectorial
8.48 If your modern teachers speak of a path of attainment to the highest
dimensions by means of the transference of personal mental illumination,
it will still be necessary to undergo the inner intense self-examination
and purification of the bonding~rejection of magnetic emotions.
8.49 If you are truly on the upward path to the highest spiritual dimensions,
your road will be characterised by moments of bright clear-sighted
self-inspection and self-realisation, followed frequently by self-loathing.
8.49.1 This dark and painful feeling is the magnetic emotion in reverse.
8.49.2 Where before, the ego clung to its essential vision of itself as being
the greatest and even greater than others, it now begins to glimpse
the agonising fact that perhaps it is not only slightly – but very imperfect. Any person reaching this spiritual level of development will find
they are now travelling the road to true humility. Take heart when you find this happening to you. You are now pushing away the debris of past erroneous beliefs
about yourself and your illusory self-hood.
8.50 Remember that it is your intention or motivation or conviction
which gives creative power to do whatever you want to do.

8.51 The moment that you desire with all your heart
to reverse your normal trend in your magnetic emotional patterns,
you have set this process in motion.
8.51.1 If you clearly define the goals you wish to achieve
and keep them ever before your vision in writing or in mind,
very shortly you will discover that the desired changes
have taken place in your consciousness.