CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 273
8.42 You must remember that I am referring to the time when you penetrate
the human dimension of intellect
and move beyond your reliance
on intellect and material means to get you what you want out of life.
8.42.1 Many people think they have reached this place of spiritual development
but are deluding themselves.
8.43 When a person abandons logic – and knows beyond all doubt
that guidance can be utterly relied upon to achieve inspired goals,
your life changes.
8.43.1 Benefits flow into your experience when you fully realise that
Divine Consciousness is the unseen Reality – the Power –
at work behind the outer appearances of your life,
moving intelligent energy force to manifest your needs.
8.44 You do not have to deny appearances,
pour thought-power into a condition you are seeking to resolve.
8.44.1 All you have to do is surrender self-will and KNOW that
as your limited intellect yields, so does the Infinite Reality move in
to order your life in an altogether new way, to wean you away
from all your supports of the past, bring to your mind a new vision
for a new endeavour, and lead you into new areas of activity. But when this happens, you have to be prepared to let go completely.
8.45 You have to release your grip on the securities of the past
and know that even greater securities of a different nature
await you as you follow your inspiration.
8.45.1 Since this state of spiritual/human existence and harmonious well-being
depend entirely on a person’s ability to make true contact with Divine Reality,
it is imperative to return again and again to
an in-depth study of Divine Reality Itself
and the way in which the ego-drive is ceaselessly at work
within the human consciousness blocking out the intuitive
directions of the Divine Life within the mind.
8.46 At the moment you are living in a shadowy burdened existence
instead of consciously living within and entering
into Divine Consciousness and allowing IT to permeate
and gladden your thinking and life experiences.
8.46.1 You remain locked within the mental-emotional framework
of electro-magnetic impulses until you set your willpower
to consciously dissolving the fabric of your humanly conceived beliefs
and come to see clearly that your Reality is Divine Consciousness
– not your family, or bank book.
8.46.2 When you achieve this insight,
you will enter into LIGHT – and the LIGHT will abide in you.