CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 272
8.37 Even these LETTERS, when circulated as intended,
will come to be beliefs, not the pure spiritual perception of WHAT IS
out of which these words have come.
8.37.1 Only by taking these words into meditation
after asking for spiritual illumination,
will the spiritual Reality behind the words
eventually come like a shaft of light into the mind.

8.37.2 When this happens, you will KNOW that you know.

8.38 Those of you who have evolved sufficiently to live in two dimensions,
YOU whose minds can move beyond the realm of human intellect
into the higher dimension of Universal Reality, will probably
encounter many people, in time to come, who will reject
these LETTERS as imagination but be not dismayed.
8.39 Remember what I am telling you now.
8.39.1 YOU are residents of two dimensions
and none may pass beyond the dimension of mere intellect
until the pre-requisites to spiritual enlightenment have been fulfilled.
8.39.2 These are a true spiritual awakening leading to deep insight
into the activities of the ego and self-hood…
followed by remorse… remorse… remorse.
This is the ONLY WAY. For remorse, in turn, leads to the rejection of the
magnetic-emotional dimension of rejection~bonding
which, in its more virulent forms, humans described as sin.
8.40 When a person penetrates the spiritual dimension
and is imbued with LIFE characteristics,
the person begins to realise and eventually KNOW
that the human ego-drive to ‘look out for the self’ actually
shuts the SOUL off from the continuous inflow of DIVINE LIFE
into the mind, heart, body, relationships and daily experiences.

8.40.1 Looking out for yourself is a human, earthly experience.
8.40.2 Total, sincere, surrender of the self-hood to FATHER_LIFE
removes the block between the spiritual dimension and the soul.
8.40.3 A person no longer has to look out for himself;
all that DIVINE LIFE is, now flows into the individual’s body,
mind, heart, experiences and relationships.
8.40.4 Such a person lives by instinct and follows hunches
which always work out perfectly in the long term.
the person surrenders self-will and turns to IT for every need.