CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 271 They believe that when (if!) their prayer is answered,
they will wholeheartedly rejoice and immediately follow the lead,
irrespective of present conditions, because,
coming from the Divine, it can only be the right answer
conducive to happiness. However, when faced with the arrival of the longed-for object,
or experience or guidance – the recipient of Divine Grace sometimes
becomes so disturbed and disoriented, unable to accept that
there has been an intrusion of Divine Consciousness exactly as asked for,
that he/she does not know how to deal with it. If minds are so disturbed when what they have asked for, is actually
given them in an unexpected way – where is the true FAITH and BELIEF
which they were so certain they wholly possessed in abundance? Do you not also see that belief, not Truth – has orchestrated
the whole symphonic movement – with the exception, of course,
of the Divine Consciousness intervention – the answer to the prayer.
8.35.4 This intervention is the only reality in the whole procedure
– the rest is belief and hope – mental gymnastics using past experiences
by which to measure the present.
8.35.5 Your only TRUTH is Divine Consciousness which leads
only to growth and perfection – if you fully trust it to do so.
8.36 Pause here and read and re-read the foregoing paragraphs
because what goes on in your consciousness is the fabric
of your experiences and lives. So question yourselves:
8.36.1 do you really PERCEIVE – REALISE – UNDERSTAND
the Reality as being the source of all knowledge and creativity? Or do you merely pay lip service and superficial mental acknowledgement to Divine Consciousness?
8.36.2 Do you fully and completely live, minute by minute, in the realisation
that UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS is the only Reality
and Highest Intelligence
operational within creation? Do you consistently depend on Its supremely effective guidance
or do you think that you would rather live by your own finite will
and sometimes muddled emotional impulses?
8.36.3 And, if you are given direct guidance to follow a certain lead,
but stop to think whether the guidance is leading you
where you think you want to go,
are you fully surrendered to the Highest Intelligent Authority
Divine Consciousness? Is this not an indication your ego is still in control?