CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 270
8.32 Any thesis or proposal which causes the conditioned mind
acute mental discomfort, dismay or puzzlement,
will be rejected instantly and a whole barrage of proofs
will be summoned from the beliefs in the conditioned mind
to back up such rejection.
But the proofs are merely beliefs.

8.32.1 This is an entirely natural mental-emotional process
within the purely human dimension.
8.32.1 Therefore, if this my TRUTH is offered to those whose mindsets
are firmly established and conditioned by fear
or strengthened by the human will to adhere to such programmed beliefs,
it is only natural that the TRUTH will arouse unruly emotions
and be quite violently, possibly virulently rejected.
8.33 The foregoing is a description of normal mental-emotional activity
within the human dimension.
8.33.1 It should not be criticised since a conditioned mind is made
to feel completely insecure and adrift or all at sea
when confronted with an entirely new concept.
8.33.2 These human idioms describe exactly what happens when
an indoctrinated mind is challenged by an entirely new perception
of what was previously held to be so dear, so safe, so right!
8.34 When first reading these LETTERS
you can determine for yourselves
where you stand mentally and emotionally.
8.34.1 Are you blocked from spiritual progress
by your stubborn adherence to present beliefs?
8.34.2 Are you able, after due thought, to realise that
all you are so sturdily upholding is only – belief – irrational belief?
8.35 It is absolutely vital to your spiritual development that you should,
at long last, fully understand the principles of your human mind
and emotional functioning.
8.35.1 You think you do, but you do not understand it at all.
8.35.2 You can only understand it by coming out of it entirely,
transcending it, moving into higher dimensions of perception
and experience – entering into TRUTH ITSELF.
8.35.3 Only then do you begin to perceive that you and every other
person in the world, have lived and directed your lives almost entirely
by human beliefs – not TRUTH.
8.35.3 There are many people who believe wholeheartedly
that if they pray for a certain object or experience
or the bestowal of the right guidance in a certain situation,
they will truly receive the right object,
experience or guidance which will enhance their well-being.