CHRIST Returns The Future on planet Earth
Letter 1 rosepage 27
1.62.2 Nor found them desirable in the creation of a new perception
of the Divine – the Father.
To preserve the Jewish belief in
salvation from punishment for sins
by means of sacrifice in the Temple
– the ‘person of Jesus’ was adopted
  as the supreme sacrifice
who had paid for men’s sins by my crucifixion.

1.63.1 This belief served many purposes at that time. It gave my death on the cross – a valid and heroic reason.
It proved to the people that I was the ‘Son of God’
who had carried out a specific mission
to the very end of my life. This belief also proved to be of great comfort to Jews
when their Temple was destroyed by the Romans –
and led to many converts taking place.
1.64 Many sects of Jews – and Gentiles also –
did not believe in life after death.
Consequently, it was greatly comforting to hear
that ‘Jesus Christ’ had overcome death
and retained his body.
1.64.1 To much human thought at that time,
life was not possible without a body.
Therefore, life after death could only mean the
resurrection of the body.
1.65 It also kept my name constantly alive
in the minds of people.
1.65.1 I was the historic figure who had valiantly died
to ensure that men should be freed
of all fear of hell and damnation.
1.65.2 Providing they believed in me,
they could walk as freed men.