CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 269
8.24 It is your BELIEFS which control all your expectations
of what life may hand out in the future.
8.25 Healthy agnosticism, the kind of mindset which accepts it does not know
the nature of GOD or whether there is any God at all
but is perfectly open to the conviction imparted by enlightenment,
is preferable to fanatical beliefs in half-truth or non-truth.
8.26 How blind is the human race generally!
8.26.1 People are like moles living within their tunnels, convinced
they are capable of sizing up the entirety of their existence
by using their senses of hearing, smell, very limited vision and touch.
8.26.2 Thus may you descend the scale of life forms and witness thousands
of species living lives entirely defined and limited by their senses. What they can perceive as real constitutes their personal reality,
their particular world.
8.27 Every strata of existence experienced by various species of living things,
is distinct from every other within the earthly dimension.
8.27.1 This includes the human mind which is literally possessed
by religious doctrines and dogmas and imprisoned
in scientific theories and mathematic formulas.
8.28 Religious doctrines have been conceived by human reasoning
in an effort to explain the teachings of spiritual Masters, whose minds
have moved beyond the human sphere of intellect
into the heavenly spheres of inspired perception of Universal Reality.
8.29 Scientific concepts are also the product of the human senses
rationalising and giving names to phenomena
viewed by human sight during experimentation.
8.30 When, therefore, the human intellect is able to set aside such
limited beliefs and ascend into contact with the Reality, beyond the highest
human reasoning, logic, and rationalisations
which are termed knowledge,
such a mind enters the higher spheres of LIFE-CONSCIOUSNESS.
8.30.1 It is imbued with universal truth which is literally beyond the scope
of the normal human mind to perceive or accept or understand.
8.30.2 The human mind cannot understand any experience beyond
that of the electromagnetic parameters of earthly existence
and the functions of the brain – until Divine Consciousness enlightenment
enters the entire human system of mind, emotions and sub-consciousness
– then the underlying unity and harmony is revealed.
8.31 When altogether new spiritual perceptions are presented to
a religiously indoctrinated mind, these are perceived as being
from ‘Satan’ or sheer lunacy or imagination.
8.31.1 This is natural since when the emotions are severely aroused
and challenged, as happens when deep beliefs are contradicted,
the magnetic-emotional bonding~rejection impulses of the ego-drive
immediately come into action.