CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 267
8.10 Science presents the universe
as being matter possessing consciousness
but the truth is:
8.10.1 The universe is CONSCIOUSNESS which has taken on
the appearance of matter as a result of a descent into
the lower frequencies of vibration of consciousness.
This is the true reality of existence – nothing else.
8.11 Your existence is all a matter of frequency of vibrations.
8.12 The higher the spiritual perceptions
and the adherence to spiritual thought,
the more swift are the personal
vibrational frequencies in the body,
the vitality is raised and illness eventually disappears.
8.13 The scientific fraternity believes you live entirely within
the human dimension comprising the solar system,
and the galaxies of stars.
8.14 Science believes the human intellect is the highest point
of intelligent reference at any time, having evolved
in response to changing environment and climatic conditions
and is purely the product of brain activity.
8.15 According to science, your emotions are wholly real and valid
and what you think and feel is beyond all dispute,
these constitute the only reality of existence.
8.15.1 Normalcy is computed according to the average thoughts,
actions, and responses to the environment.
This is perceived as the human reality.
8.15.2 Any talents which transcend the average output of average minds
is reckoned as being genius arising from unusual mental powers.
8.15.3 The below average output is said to be due to retardation
due to some physical cause – genetics, birth trauma, etc.
8.16 Science believes the physical dimension
is the beginning and the end of existence.
8.17 Science is so set against any possibility of self-delusionary beliefs
that it will accept as being real any phenomenon
provided it can be computed, estimated and proved by instruments.
8.17.1 If you think about this carefully, you will come to realise that
what science holds fast to as fact is, in reality,
only belief created by drawing conclusions
through the exercise of their five senses.

8.17.2 So is it with every other facet of your existence.