CHRIST Returnsthe True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 266
8.5 When a soul reaches, in understanding and realisation,
the topmost level of the frequencies of vibrations of consciousness
Christ Consciousness
the soul can look down and review the levels of vibrations
ascending and descending to those of humanity on earth and know,
with love and compassion, humanity is trapped in the lower vibrations
of Divine Consciousness hidden within the Ego-drive, wholly unaware
of the Truth of Being, the soul’s true identity and the earthly truth of the ego.
8.5.1 Neither does it have the slightest awareness of the immense purpose
behind its existence and the eventual mission it must embark upon.
8.6 The task of the newborn soul is to experience, through means
of its sheath the Psyche, all that these lower frequencies have to offer
and grow as a result of the mental/emotional events and experiences
arising out of their thoughts and feelings.
8.6.1 The soul must learn, through trial and error,
the state of consciousness which makes it immensely happy
or burdened with grief and sorrow which initiate various physical limitations.
8.7 The purpose of life on earth is not to discover a means to experience
undeviating joy and bliss, although this is what each soul longs for.
8.7.1 Such bliss and joy would hinder the soul’s progress into
the higher spiritual vibrations of consciousness.

8.7.2 Eventually after many lifetimes of highs and lows
of comfort and sorrow, the psyche will wake up to the
truth of its being and will realise that it has within itself the potential
to draw on Divine Consciousness for insight, understanding and knowledge
and to raise its spiritual consciousness vibrations to those of health,
well-being, protection, inner growth, spiritual nutrition
and to radiate to others the nature of Divine Consciousness Itself.
8.8 As I have said before
8.8.1 Where there is LIFE – there is CONSCIOUSNESS.
8.8.2 Where there is CONSCIOUSNESS there is LIFE.
8.8.3 EVERYTHING in existence is defined
by vibrational frequencies of consciousness.
Light, Sound, Colour,
all physical phenomena both living and inanimate.

8.8.4 If you can change the frequencies of vibration of any single thing,
you change the appearance of that thing
– be it sound, colour, gas, liquid, physical organs.