CHRIST Returns
the True Nature of Existence
Letter 8 rosepage 265

Letter 8

8.1 I have come to you again to speak of:


8.2 The TRUTH OF BEING is this:
8.2.1 YOU who believe only in the material world,
live entirely in the earthly, finite world.
8.2.2 You live within a dimension of the manifestation of your beliefs.

8.3 Those whose spiritual perceptions and lives
have been raised in frequencies of vibrations
to merge with the spiritual frequencies of vibration
of the spiritual dimension
can perceive that they live in two dimensions.
8.3.1 They are fully aware of this truth.
8.3.2 And they live according to this truth,
and evolve into ever higher frequencies of being.
8.3.3 They are no longer bound by human belief
but live within the realisation that
they live within infinity in which are no limitations.
8.3.4 The higher their vibrational frequencies of consciousness,
the more aware they are that they live within infinity
and that only they themselves set the limits
on what they can aspire to.

8.4 Those whose perceptions have been heightened in this way
whilst still in their bodies, have seen that there is
only one dimension of actual individual being
and this dimension is Divine Consciousness Activity.