CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7
rosepage 264
7.119 Respect and DIVINE LOVE belong together.
7.120 True LOVE is highly respectful of the beloved.
7.120.1 Where there is respect between two people,
this frequently leads to the highest form of love.
7.121 If you have found this Letter difficult to accept,
remember that the human mind is limited in its understanding
of dimensions beyond the earthly plane.
7.121.1 Do not let the reasoning
of the ego hold you back from your soul’s journey.
section sectorial
7.122 In my next Letter, I will develop the theme of DIVINE LOVE
and will enlarge on ego self love showing you exactly
how the magnetic emotions are presently controlling
your thoughts, feelings and lives.
7.122.1 I will outline the steps by which they can be overcome
and eventually dissolved from your consciousness.
7.123 My purpose is to lead you along the path
of self-discovery and spiritual advancement
that you may enter immediately into Light
not only when you pass on into the next dimension of existence
but also whilst you are on earth.

7.124 At the moment you are living in a shadowy burdened existence
instead of consciously living within and entering into
the Divine Consciousness and allowing IT to permeate
and gladden your thinking and your life experiences.

7.125Know that my Christ Consciousness
is with you always
and you can have immediate access to me
when you call.
7.125.1 Let this be a comfort to you – but not a crutch.
7.126I am but your gateway
to your own illumination
and your own ascent into
Christ Consciousness yourself.