CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 263
7.112.1 Not by descending to the vibrationary level of those in need
but by reaching out and offering the wisdom
which has brought you into your sanctuary
– your holy of holies in mind, emotion and living conditions –
if there is a willingness to listen and accept.
7.112.2 Otherwise, hold your peace.
Sympathy and compassion should be detached.
7.112.3 Empathy will drag you down and embroil your spiritual
consciousness vibrations in the human vibrational level. This will possibly create conflicts where you had sincerely
only intended to uplift and heal. Avoid this since it will
deplete your energies and defeat your spiritual purposes.
7.113 Pure LOVE is concerned only with upliftment and spiritual
progress, healing and achievement of the Kingdom of Heaven.
7.114 Divine LOVE is a warm compassionate feeling
– primarily charged with the longing to enable the loved one
to: grow, create, be nourished and nourish others,
to be healed and to heal others, to educate and educate others,
to protect and protect others, to fulfill his needs and
for him to fulfill the needs of others,
all within a clear system of law and order.
7.114.1 This is DIVINE LOVE/LAW in action.

7.115 When your highest purpose has become the Divine Purpose in action,
the ego, the nucleus of your individuality, is now controlled by your soul.
7.115.1 The ego-drive becomes your true defender
and true protector of your personal comfort
– but it now works entirely in harmony with the directives of your soul
which draws its nature from Divine Reality.
7.116 I repeat – there is no sentiment in Divine Reality,
no removing any boundaries ensuring law and order,
to suit the demands of the egoist,
no weak giving in and yielding to the obstinacy of others.
7.117 At all times, it must be borne in mind that
ALL PEOPLE should respect one another.
7.117.1 They must respect the rights of others to privacy, safety,
peace of mind and harmony.
7.117.2 If differences arise, they can be dealt with, with mutual respect.
7.118 The more spiritually evolved you are, the more will you respect
the highest and the lowest of social stratas, accounting them
to be equal – ‘not in the sight of God’ as human beings like to say,
but within your own spiritualised perceptions of the fundamental
equality of the souls within all beings.