CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 262
7.106.3 It means that you must think the thoughts about others
which you would be happy for them to think about you!
7.106.4 It means that your entire consciousness should be directed
at caring, concern for others, no matter what they may be doing
hurtful against yourself.
7.107 All human beings are living in a jungle of human desires, goals,
frailties, disappointments, anger and frustration.
Out of this war-torn consciousness come many weak
and ill-judged responses and actions.

7.107.1 Therefore, behold the frailty, forgive the unkindness, and let it go back
into the nothingness out of which it came.
7.108 The only TRUTH and REALITY in your life is
Divine Consciousness Intelligence/Love.
Hold fast to this realisation at all times.
section sectorial
7.109 To find the Kingdom of Heaven, in which the soul is in harmony
with Divine Reality
, there must come a time in your development
when you no longer want to be drawn into the earthly perceptions
and consciousness of human beings towards each other.
7.109.1 You long to withdraw entirely and focus on
spreading your own contact with Divine Reality to others.
7.110 Beware that you do not force your spiritual way on others,
irrespective of whether or not they are on the spiritual path themselves.
7.111 At the same time, you must preserve your own serenity
by not allowing others to take advantage of your good nature.
7.111.1 You must clearly draw your lines of right and wrong
– prevent the selfishness of others encroaching on your privacy
which is likely to destroy your peace of mind.
7.111.2 To ensure this, there is no need for your ego-consciousness
to assume dominance again. You can guard your privacy peacefully.
7.111.3 You have been given the intelligence to achieve
this necessary purpose with the highest degree of LOVE.
7.111.4 Remember that the spiritual edifice of consciousness vibrations
which have been constructed out of your contact with Divine Reality
and your daily mode of thought, feeling and living, should be sacrosanct

and you have to take care not to become entrapped again
in the lower vibrations of others’ thoughts and reactions.
section sectorial
7.112 At all times, your highest purpose on earth is to promote the highest
earthly and spiritual GOOD of every other living entity
– human and lesser.