CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 261
7.101 When this experience of ego-mastery takes place at the right time
– in the right way – the soul, through the medium of the psyche,
is free, to a large extent, to commune direct with the Divine Reality
since the continual chatter of the ego-consciousness is stilled.
7.101.1 The pull of the earth is no longer paramount.
7.101.2 Selfcentred ambition fades;
the desire for personal possessions dissolves.
7.101.3 Peace reigns in the mind.
7.101.4 The soul, now speaking clearly through the psyche,
longs to uplift, nourish, contribute to the growth of other souls,
educate, uplift, and nurture with understanding and tenderness
without any desire for recompense or self-aggrandisement.
7.102 As the soul is drawn into ever closer contact and attunement
with Divine Reality, it’s only earthly goal is to treat the neighbour
or other people with the same kind of concern and consideration
it needs for itself to flourish and be content.
7.102.1 Giving becomes as easy as breathing
– eventually it becomes a privilege to work for and with other people
for the promotion of their highest good.
This is Divine Love in action.
7.103 However, there is no sentiment in Divine Reality.
7.104 The intention behind individualisation was
to enable Divine Reality Itself to experience
Its own Nature of creativity, joy and personal fulfilment.

7.105 Therefore, when I was on earth, I drew the lines
between giving and receiving quite clearly when I said:
“Do unto others what you would have them do to you”
This statement was a loving warning that as you sow so will you reap.
7.105.1 It was also a guideline to behaviour.
7.105.2 If you do unto others what you would like done to yourself,
then you can be sure that you are acting
only from the standpoint of love.
7.105.3 If other people do not want what you would like done for you
– then you live by trial and error; you have taken a positive step
towards fulfilling an act of true love and if it is rejected,
you have given yourself an opportunity to find out
what would be more greatly appreciated in the future. In this way do you grow in the act of love.

7.106 I also said: “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.”.
7.106.1 This meant that you should have equal concern
for your neighbour’s comfort as you have for your own.
7.106.2 It also means that whatever you wish on to other people
you would be happy to have wished on yourself in like manner.