CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 260
7.98.1 You become more empathetic, understanding, caring, compassionate
and gentle. In fact, the soul qualities of Divine Life now begin
to control your natural ego impulses for satisfaction and self-defence. section sectorial
7.99 I want to warn you that you will have now entered a new and difficult time
– an era of conflict between the ego-drive which has habitually insisted
on fulfilling its wants, perhaps at the expense of other people,
and the psyche-soul which is beginning to realise that love is the law
and the rights of other people have to be balanced equally
with the rights of self – the ego.
7.100 As the psyche absorbs more and more of the soul – Divine Reality
into its consciousness, the old ego drive begins to release its grasp
and the inner daily conflict becomes even more intense.
7.100.1 The psyche-soul, now working through mind and heart,
discovers it is balancing the needs of other people against the validity
of its own needs and it becomes weighed down and weary
of the endless internal struggle of self-questioning and self-judgement.
7.100.2 When the psyche is reaching this point of perception,
it indicates that the pull of the human consciousness is thinning
to such an extent that the soul is now drawing close to
and becoming re-unified with the Divine Reality.
7.100.3 The soul acknowledges through the medium of the psyche,
that it loves the DIVINE LOVE that is the Divine Reality
more than it loves anything earthly
and longs to be fully united with its SOURCE of BEING.
7.100.4 The psyche finally surrenders the ego-consciousness drives
to Divine Reality and begs that it may be enabled to yield the ego
– to go through the death of the self-hood. This happens when people are truly reaching
the apex of their spiritual life and they usually
need a spiritual master to guide them through it. This ‘death of the self-hood’ should never be undertaken
as a means of achieving greater spiritual insight. It is highly dangerous and will not succeed
in achieving greater spiritual or earthly life.
It will be greatly destructive to the psyche and ego before due time. It will hinder the whole process
of soul-psyche-ego-physical development. No one should entertain such a thought in order
to be more advanced in spiritual perception and truth. Such an act of will-power will be self-defeating since
it is born entirely of the ego-drive to be more important spiritually.