CHRIST Returns The Future on planet Earth
Letter 1 rosepage 26
1.58 I must first point out that my life and person were briefly referred to
in the ‘History of the Jews’ written by Josephus for the Roman Governor,
and presented to the Roman Emperor.
1.58.1 Josephus briefly noted that Jesus, who attempted to overthrow law
and orderand the governance of the Romans was punished and crucified.
1.59 It has been argued that this was some other Jesus
     recorded by Josephus.
But this is not so.
1.59.1 I, who later became the CHRIST who performed so-called miracles
of healing and materialisation, was the insurrectionist.
1.59.2 But – I was no rabble rouser. I did not deliberately stir people
up to defy the Romans and disrupt law and order.
1.60 I was a rebel against existing Jewish traditions and because,
when I emerged from my six weeks sojourn in the desert,
I saw a better way to – think – and – live – and I tried to pass on
my knowledge to my fellow Jews with little success.
1.61 It is important you should understand that the pressure of public opinion weighed with my followers.
1.61.1 Whilst, they truly believed I had brought a soul-saving message to the Jews and was the Messiah, the Son of God, they were also of the world,
trying to relate to the world as best they could.
1.61.2 Therefore, although they knew my reactive feelings
towards the Jewish beliefs, they were not happy to dispense
with the Old Testament altogether, since it had supported
and kept the Jews together throughout their history.
In the interests of preserving what they thought to be valuable
in the old dispensation, they suppressed any description
of the person I was.
1.62 My disciples and Paul built their own edifice of sacred beliefs
on what they wanted to preserve from my life and teachings.
They only taught, and consolidated what they deemed to be valuable
to people – Jews and Gentiles – alike – at that time and in the future.
1.62.1 Consequently, they distilled what they could use
and they let go most of what I termed
the “secrets of the Kingdom of God”
for they never understood them.