CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 259
7.95.6 The truth of the spiritual state of the inner man
will be clearly revealed and will lay the sure foundation
for the necessary spiritual instruction
and meditative, mental work to be done
to enable him to regain health, vitality, new perspectives and goals
– and a deepening capacity for unconditional love.

7.95.7 Naturally, drugs will no longer be used to raise
the consciousness radiations of the sufferer,
since the depletion of Divine Life – soul energy is responsible for the illness. He or she will be taught how to deliberately,
systematically raise the frequencies of vibration
of the affected area of the body
and how to deal with the personal circumstances causing
the psychological discomfort and depletion of soul energy.
7.95.8 The patient will also be dramatically assisted by an inflow of Divine
energy from the hands of those who are true channels of pure spiritual life.
7.95.9 With the re-vitalising procedures, new perceptions and control
of the ego-drives, the physical condition will be quickly cleared up
within days – if not immediately.
7.96 However, on reading these Letters, you can begin to effect your own healing. 7.96.1 Paramount in your selftreatment must be these instructions
regarding the Divine Reality, powering existence, and the right way
to tune into It and draw Divine Life into the healing process.
7.97 When you begin to draw on the Life of the Divine Reality
by means of your spiritual search, asking questions, meditating,
reading and praying, you begin to open your psyche up
from its enclosed ego-consciousness earthly dreaming;
you draw into mind and emotions the nature of the Divine Reality Itself.
7.97.1 All that passes through your mind and emotions
is passed into the electro-magnetic fields surrounding you. These contribute to your strength.
7.97.2 As your electro magnetic fields are energised by the power
you draw from Divine Reality, so is the power passed back
into your physical body and each organ becomes ever more healthy
and any dysfunctions are gradually cleared up.
7.97.3 It is vital for you to remember these physical/electro-magnetic field processes because the knowledge will both inspire and encourage
your daily meditation and attunement with the Divine Reality.