CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 258 They raise or lower the health of the body according to the state
of the personal consciousness – whether it is in harmony with
the Life Force radiations of Divine ntelligence/Love
or in conflict with them due to selfish ego-drives.
7.93 A miserable entity dwindles and dies. A happy entity flourishes.
This is a basic fact of existence.
7.94 In the final analysis, each living entity feeds
upon its own inner state of contentment or frustration.

7.94.1 You can see the truth of this statement in the physical
and consciousness development of a baby. A contented, happy child flourishes, laughs easily, is filled with joy. Contact with a loving mother, enhances the child’s well-being. The loving, contented radiations from mother to baby
feed the little one’s consciousness radiations,
and in turn, build up strength in the tiny body.
7.94.2 As the child develops, its developing personality begins to colour
its soul radiations with bright or dark consciousness
force which either re-inforce the child’s health or depletes it.
7.95 A person with a strong psychic sense can see
the electro-magnetic fields becoming dim when an individual or animal
is being depleted of field energy although at the time, neither individual
nor animal may be registering physical dis-ease.
7.95.1 It may be a day or so before the body itself begins to manifest
the consciousness energy depletion in some form of exhaustion or illness.
7.95.2 You have on earth, people who have developed equipment to record
this phenomenon, and in years to come, this will be the recognised
method of diagnosing and treating an oncoming ailment.
7.95.3 Furthermore, as the technology of spiritual-scientific knowledge evolves,
the exact mental/emotional state responsible for the physical depletion
will be first revealed under hypnosis and recorded electronically
in frequencies of vibration on screens.
7.95.4 This will be followed by an electronic investigation depicting the
frequencies of vibration of the various parts of the body on similar screens. This process will involve colour changes,
for every pattern of consciousness is first manifested
both in frequencies of vibration and colour. By comparing the mental/emotional frequencies of vibration
with the frequencies of vibration of the body parts,
the organ depleted of energy – together with
the mental/emotional cause will be pin-pointed.