CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 257
7.89.3 If there are people who never reach this vital development in their lives,
it is because their ego mental/emotional processes
are so strongly geared to the exercise of intelligence and reason
that when other people ask questions such as:
How did life begin? Is there a GOD?”,
How has such a wonderful universe been designed and created?”,
the ego of the non-seeker and nonbeliever is conscious only of
its own omnipotence, and sets out to disprove there is any
higher dimension out of which the earth could have taken form. It argues away the voice of the soul relayed through the psyche,
and with each argument entombs itself more firmly within the perceptions
of the material and visible world which represent their only security.
7.89.4 Therefore, the soul remains imprisoned within
the ego mental/emotional electrical/magnetic chains,
and the human mind remains convinced that there is no soul
– that the earthly dimension of existence
and the physical life force are the only realities.
7.89.5 If such people’s minds are determined to reject any inspirational
whispers from the psyche/soul, the body suffers minor ailments,
relationships are strained and life generally is stressful; a disease may follow. This is because such a person is drawing only on the limited resources
of energy drawn from the food they put in their mouths. This energy proceeds from a chemical process
and not from the Source of all Life.
7.90 Whilst you have drawn your life initially from the Divine Reality
and It has given you being, you also draw your physical energy
from your food and the digestive processes which manufacture enzymes
to break down the food into a usable form which feeds the physical cells
throughout your body and mind. This is the life of the body.
7.91 Many people live and die drawing exclusively
on the energy derived from their physical processes.
7.92 The type and amount of energy drawn from physical processes
is greatly affected by the mental/electrical
and emotional/magnetic fields of the living entity.
7.92.1 These electrical and magnetic fields surrounding every living thing
from an amoeba to an elephant and human being,
are the personal Life Force radiations from the soul,
combined with the personal consciousness-awareness
radiations of the entity’s mental/electrical go-go activity
and its emotional/magnetic ‘bonding-rejection’ impulses.
7.92.2 These electrical/magnetic fields are profoundly affected
by all the thoughts and feelings which pass
through the minds and emotions of the entity.
7.92.3 In turn, the fields profoundly affect the physical processes of the body itself.