CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 256
7.86.2 How then can the creator be a GOD of Love?
7.86.3 This is one of the misapprehensions and beliefs
I would like to sweep away.
It is my purpose that all people should come to realise that: the entire universe has, at its basic core and foundation in all things,
the Divine Life Force
which inspires and respires through all of creation. It is the hidden but powerful Equilibrium out of which
all things have taken being, form and shape. It is the scientists’ space in which is conducted
the Movement and Bonding of the Electrical Particles. It is both the impenetrable and forever
unknowable ground of existence and also
the hidden Source of all substance of all things in the universe. The Ego is the tool of Divine Creativity to produce
individuality out of the UNITY OF ITS OWN BEINGNESS.
7.87 What I am about to say will be hotly disputed by your scientists
– nonetheless, I am about to refer to the souls of those earthly beings
whose intellect is sufficiently evolved to debate
and decide on a course of action and
– with even only partial understanding – respond intuitively
and intelligently to what is happening in the environment.
7.87.1 These entities of all more advanced species are the genius of their kind.
7.87.2 Do not judge the inner development of any species,
human or otherwise, by their outer physical bodies.
7.88 All living things are individualised out of the same Divine Life.
7.88.1 Some psyches are enabled, by their increasingly spiritualised
mental/emotional fields to peer through the ego consciousness
and embark on neighbourly, caring acts
which can only proceed from the promptings of the soul
drawn from the Divine Reality.
7.88.2 Therefore, the greatest respect and consideration
should be accorded to all living things.
7.89 Where the species has evolved to the point of formulating
clear ideas and thoughts and putting them into sounds and words
– and the spiritual development of the psyche can penetrate
the ego consciousness – the psyche begins to question:

Is this all there is to life? What are our life purposes?” etc.