CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 255
7.79 Until that time of soul re-unification with Divine Consciousness,
the psyche occupies the deepest recesses of your human consciousness
and draws its awareness from your soul.
7.79.1 It is the hidden instinct within you which knows right from wrong. section sectorial
7.80 The ego is also formed at the moment of conception.
7.80.1 As the baby develops, the ego begins to make itself felt.
7.80.2 It is the foundation of your human selfhood which gives you individuality.
7.80.3 It is the energy of your human consciousness.

7.80.4 It makes you distinct and unique from everyone else.

7.81 In order to preserve your individuality, the ego must protect you
from outside attack of any kind and it must give you what you need
to help you prosper, flourish, grow and be happy.
7.81.1 This is Divinely ordained and not to be treated with contempt.
7.81.2 The ego constitutes an all-important and very necessary
nucleus of consciousness of creation, development and growth.
7.82 The ego is exclusively governed by the electrical current of activity
consciousness – the Go-go impulse apparent in all living things,
even in plants which turn and display their foliage to catch the sun
in the best possible way.
7.82.1 This is a movement conceived in the go-go electrical field and
in the bonding-desire emotional field in the consciousness of the plant
to enable the plant to grow and enjoy the warmth of the sun.
7.83 The ego in every living thing is the seat of the earthly consciousness only.
7.83.1 In no way does it resemble in any shape or form
the Divine Reality which constitutes the soul.
7.84 The ego-drive, the drive which is directed exclusively
at getting what it wants to make the individual entity happy
and to protect it from attack to ensure its survival,
and will trample on other entities or species to achieve its purposes,
pertains to the earthly dimension only.
7.84.1 This ego force is active within every living thing
from the least amoeba to the mightiest king.
7.85 You could call the Ego-Drive the Protector
and Dictator of the living Universe.
7.86 It is at this point that the majority of people in your world to-day
become confused when contemplating the possibility
of the existence of a GOD.
7.86.1 They review the activities of various species
driven by their ego-consciousness, the one feeding on another
to obtain sustenance and these people decide that
this savagery must be the working of the creator.