CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 254
7.75.1 Understanding and making the meaning your very own, will change
your whole perspective of your Divine origins and of existence itself.
7.76 In these paragraphs directly above, I have described to you
– the nature and essence of LIFE which comes into action
within the sperm and ovum when they are united in giving form to a child.
7.76.1 This is your truth, your reality, your soul, psyche,
your deepest state of being. Instinctively you are aware of this.
7.76.2 The baby is the embodiment of joy.
7.76.3 The joy it expresses as it develops consciousness
of its relationships and environment, comes out
of the deep well of Divine LIFE Which has grown it cell by cell,
according to genetic instructions, into its present form.
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7.77 What is the difference between the soul and psyche?
7.77.1 I am now going to explain the difference which your earthly psychologists
may dispute, but nonetheless, this is the truth.
7.77.2 The Soul is the Divine Flame
– a metaphor used to describe the essence of Divine Life
which is drawn into individual being at the moment of conception.
7.77.3 LIFE FORCE takes on personal form
and releases the energy of electrical force of activity
and the magnetic impulses of bonding~rejection
to embark on the intricate work of construction of the body.
7.77.3 Therefore, you have, at the core of your being,
your soul – Divine Reality
this is
7.77.4 Divine Intelligence/Divine Love
Which is the powerful Divine Impulse to create, grow,
nourish, nurture, heal, protect, fulfill every need,
within a system of perfect law and order.

7.77.5 This is the Reality which is your soul.