CHRIST ReturnsSexuality to the highest
Letter 7 rosepage 253
7.71.2 These energies may not be expressed in exactly the same way as the rapist, but rest assured that transmitted consciousness energies
do implant a new idea or a new feeling within an innocent party.
7.71.3 Your scientists are not prepared to believe in telepathy, but telepathy
is a fact of life, although dull conscious activity may be so self-oriented as
to not recognise that new impulses have originated in someone else’s mind.
7.71.4 I will say no more on this subject,
except to warn those in high places of church, law and government
who fail in their responsibilities towards people at this critical time.
They will eventually perceive the enormity of their lack
of moral performance whilst undertaking their earthly duties.
7.71.5 They will feel the imprint of the lives of those who have been harmed
and destroyed due to their moral negligence,
rebound upon their own lives.
7.72 EVERY action has its like repercussions.
7.73 Perhaps you will now realise why the present sexual trend in the world
is causing the most dire conditions world-wide.

7.74 For you to fully understand what I am talking about,
I want you to strive to VISUALISE & REALISE that the Nature of
Divine Consciousness of Universal Equilibrium is limitless Power,
since the equilibrium-harmony arises out of equal constraint
between the universal impulses of the:
the male and female,
	intelligence and love,
		the will to experience and the will to remain acquiescent,
			the yearning to be active
 			and the yearning to hold back
			and maintain the status quo,
			in order to form bonds and stability.
7.74.2These primal IMPULSES of Being,
as I explained in Letter 4, are the Reality which has given life,
form, shape, being to all visible things.
7.74.3This dimension is a state of beauty, joy, harmony,
rapturous ecstasy, reverence, intelligence, love.
It is all that the earth can demonstrate
– but on a scale beyond your even remotest conception.