CHRIST ReturnsSexuality to the highest
Letter 7 rosepage 252
7.67.2 You may say that the successful or dysfunctional family conditions
arise purely from their innate characters
and the way they perform in their daily roles. It is perfectly true that the family life is a product of character and
performance, but I want you to consider the dysfunctional family
which breaks up, the partnership and sexual cohabitation ends,
parents move away from each other
– and move on to entirely new lives because they have managed to disentangle themselves from the unhealthy
or critical consciousness they were absorbing during the sexual act. If strong enough to do so, each partner discovers a new self,
builds a new environment and goes on to new success. However, those partners who live truly in love with each other, considering each other’s needs together,
giving and taking in equal balance, offering
emotional support when needed, or loving counsel (not advice)
when this is asked for, will find that the family is glued together
by the absorption of each other’s dynamic consciousness energies.
7.68 In the light of the previous paragraphs, it may now be understood that
prior to intercourse there should never be a sense of grievance,
buried hostility, contempt, denigration.
7.68.1 Any such feelings must be fully resolved before sex is resumed.
7.68.2 In a relationship where discussion and freedom of speech
is accepted as normal, each partner should resist the act of sexual love
until a powerful inter-force of responsive love has been built up,
and the consciousness of both partners
is in a state of pure equilibrium.
7.69 As for rape – this is the most heinous act against another
and will draw to itself its own just rewards at some time in the future.
It proceeds out of an especially warped and distorted egoconsciousness.
7.69.1 The frequencies of consciousness vibrations of such people
are so low and ponderous as to be personally destructive.
7.70 In the olden days, society was continually taught and sermonized.
7.70.1 In western countries, the Ten Commandments were rightly presented
as being the true foundations of a civilised and humanised culture,
teaching self-control and readily acceptable to all religions world-wide.
7.70.2 Today, with the strengthening of the ego-consciousness due to the influence
of the entertainment industry and media, ego lusts have control.
7.71 You must also understand – and accept – that consciousness energies
are energies as real and active as are the energies of heat and sound.
7.71.1 Just as sound waves can penetrate certain substances, so do
the consciousness energies of one person infect like a virus
the consciousness energies of another mind with their own brutal tendencies.