CHRIST ReturnsSexuality to the highest
Letter 7 rosepage 251
7.62.1 Therefore, when consciousness energies
within body fluids and mental/emotional attitudes and thoughts
are exchanged and absorbed, you are each of you affecting
the mental/emotional/physical condition of the partner.
7.63 Intercourse should, to be healthy and life-giving,
only be undertaken in true heartfelt love,
where the good of the loved one is
more important than the good of the lover.
It should never be used to heal emotional rifts or wounds

7.64 Intercourse may be a joyous act undertaken after a difference of opinion
and anger, where there has been sincere mutual forgiveness and a full
restoration of – and renewed love for each other – but never to cover
the hurts and effect a false sense of emotional receptivity in the other partner.
7.64.1 No doubt such intercourse will give them a temporary sense of well-being
and transient goodwill since their consciousness energies
will have been lifted into higher vibrational frequencies – but this is
7.65 When partners go to each other still bearing hidden resentment
or critical denigrating thoughts about the other, those negative consciousness forms are transmitted into the electro-magnetic fields of the partner
and create a sense of inner disturbance of which the partner is not fully aware.
7.65.1 Nevertheless, the relationship is being gradually eroded without either
partner being fully aware that this is happening.
7.65.2 This is the reason why the physical attraction between partners
dwindles and dies. It is destroyed by hidden negative critical thoughts
and feelings which little by little, affect each other
profoundly on every level of their being.

7.65.3 As their frequencies of vibration drop, they will find themselves
being drawn into the thoughts and feelings which previously drove
them into arguments with other people and consequently
the problems will be repeated day after day.
7.66 When people use sex as a panacea – it becomes a frustration and
disillusionment sets in, leading to a loss of respect and love for each other.
7.66.1 Therefore it is essential for people to realise that fights and quarrels
arise out of their own hidden ego-consciousness drives which gain
control of their loving feelings – and the ego drives must be healed
before couples can reach a new level of mutual understanding,
consideration and consistent love for each other.