CHRIST ReturnsSexuality to the highest
Letter 7 rosepage 250
7.57 When intercourse is prompted by pure heartfelt love
between man and woman,
the united human consciousness ascends, during intercourse,
into higher and higher levels
of consciousness vibrational frequencies
until they are caught up in the vibrational frequencies
– of Divine Intelligence/Love Consciousness.
7.57.1 Such a child, conceived in such circumstances, is born of spirit.
7.58 Lovers know when they truly love
and come to each other in pure tenderness and love
because such intercourse is a moment of union
of mind, emotions and body, and lingers in their consciousness afterwards,
making it difficult for them to draw apart from each other.
7.58.1 They are aware of transcendent beauty, a renewal of emotional love
instead of satiation, and an all encompassing harmony.
7.58.2 These men and women are joined by Divine Consciousness.
7.58.3 Sadly, their personal EGO-CONSCIOUSNESS can eventually taint
the love they felt for each other and gradually largely replace it,
leaving them separated and alone, sad and emotionally/physically
weakened, wondering why such a beautiful, exalted state of love
could ever dwindle and die.
7.58.4 These Letters can be the means of their overcoming the ego drive
and re-discovering their previous love on an even higher
and more spiritual level. In which case, man and woman
will become more whole than ever before.
7.58.5 This may or may not bring them together in a new sexual attraction
transcending all other depending on their state of consciousness
– whether it has itself transcended the desire for physical fusion.
7.59 Physical union undertaken in any other emotion
leads to a condition of flesh entering flesh
and is but a receiving and giving of earthly
– frequently negative – vibrational frequencies producing
like-minded progeny of such a union.
7.59.1 Even if a child is not conceived, such intercourse is detrimental
to both partners, since there is an exchange and absorption
of each others’ consciousness energy into the body, which, if negative
– hostile, or critical – can be damaging to one another.
7.60 Remember that consciousness energy is compounded of
Father_Intelligence and Mother_Love electro-magnetism.
7.61 The energy exchange between sexual partners
is of the same energy out of which the mental/electrical
and emotional/magnetic fields of the body are formed.
7.62 All is consciousness.