CHRIST Returns Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 25
1.52 I specifically made these statements to counter-act
the prevalent beliefs in my divinity
and to impress on people’s minds
that I was of the same physical origins as themselves.
1.52.1 I intended them to understand that what I could do,
they could also do
if they only had my knowledge and followed my instructions
for right thinking and right action.
1.53 So many myths have arisen around my earthly person
that it is time to be rid of them as completely as possible,
since they are preventing people
from evolving spiritually.
1.54 You, who have been indoctrinated with religious teachings,
must try to understand that when describing my life,
my disciple gospellers related only what they personally remembered
which fully supported their account of my supernatural activities.
They also included much that had been spoken of me by others,
during the thirty odd years following my death.
1.55 After such a lapse of time and inevitable embroidery of truth,
– how could they possibly write an authoritative biography
of me and of what really happened …
or properly explain my true spiritual perceptions
which gave birth to my words and miracles?
1.56 Only one person can write from this standpoint
– and that is myself.
Therefore, these Letters will bring you my Truth in a way
that no spectator could possibly tell it,
no matter how well they thought they understood my thinking.
1.56.1 (For this reason, over forty years, my recorder’s mind
has been systematically cleansed of all orthodox teachings
and the system of communication between us has been perfected.)
1.57 If my Truth expressed in these Letters differs from much
written in your New Testament, is it to be wondered at
or rejected for that reason?

1.57.1 Therefore, I am descending in consciousness briefly,
as near as necessary, to your plane of consciousness
to describe my life and teachings 2000 years ago.