CHRIST ReturnsSexuality to the highest
Letter 7 rosepage 249
7.52 Before conception takes place,
the sperm is imbued with the total consciousness of the male, the future father, and
the ovum is imbued with the total consciousness of the female, the future mother.
7.53 During intercourse, changes take place in the mental/emotional
consciousness of the man and woman.
7.53.1 They may sense a deepening of love, caring, and drive to express
their longing for greater closeness and harmony of spirit
– this is a true spiritual/physical union.
7.53.2 Alternatively, as their desire for union with each other
changes to an ever stronger desire for self-satisfaction
– this becomes an ego activity – reaping only ego reactions.
7.54 However, whatever the condition of consciousness
of the participants in the act of union,
their consciousness of desire to achieve the ultimate climax,
strives and drives the physical organs to move in a rhythm
producing psychic/physical energy which gradually rises up into the brain,
creating a higher and higher momentum of vibrational energy
to reach a peak of near-delirium and delight,
bursting into an explosion of momentary ecstasy
and glorious fulfilment – and then follows release and
a gradual descent into human consciousness again.

7.55 At the very moment of delirium/delight,
the human consciousness rises to touch the Divine Life Force
which ignites the sperm in the male
and the ovum in the woman.
7.55.1 Conception may not take place,
and both sperm and ovum return to normal physical consciousness.

7.56 When conception takes place, sperm penetrates the ovum
and they are united in the highest vibrations of Divine Life,
in spiritual and physical fusion. In united consciousness,
they too ascend into their own moment of equilibrium and joy
to become one
both within Divine Life Itself
and human father/mother consciousness.
7.56.1 This moment of consciousness union takes place within
the very highest dimension of Divine Life Consciousness
and is a moment of unimaginable rejoicing and joy,
for the two elements of male and female are again conjoined,
united and merged in equilibrium
to become one to produce a child.
7.56.2 This moment of union is a re-enactment
of a person’s return to the glorious and ineffable ecstasy of the
Divine Consciousness of Universal Equilibrium.