CHRIST ReturnsSexuality to the highest
Letter 7 rosepage 248
7.44 To understand the Truth of Existence and the origins of your physicality,
you must make daily efforts to rid yourselves of the limited earthly perception
that the body receives its beingness and is conceived and developed entirely
– and only – according to unchangeable physical/scientific laws.
7.44.1 In place of your old limited human beliefs,
you must make daily efforts to develop a strong, clear realisation
that your personal reality – your soul – is drawn directly
from All Reality – SOURCE of BEING.
7.45 Your physical body also draws Life from All Reality
at the moment of conception, but it is also tempered
by the initial plane of consciousness vibrational frequencies
out of which your body was conceived.
7.45.1 It is constricted and encapsulated ever more strongly as the years pass,
by the magnetic emotional bonding~rejection impulses
which control the human consciousness.
What do I mean by that?
7.46 What I am going to tell you has enormous implications for the future
of mankind – that is, if those of you who are capable of doing so,
will make every effort to understand it.
7.46.1 In fact the way you view these Letters
will determine the course of your future lives.
7.46.2 They will mean to you the difference between remaining stuck
in your present parameter of consciousness vibrational frequencies
or gradually moving forward yourself to higher levels of consciousness
and producing children who will benefit from the exercise
of the knowledge I am about to give you.
7.47 When I was on earth I made the oft-repeated
– but never understood – statement:
7.47.1 What is born of the flesh is flesh – and of the spirit – spirit.
7.47.2 I meant that some people have a natural spiritual ability to return
to the original frequency of spiritual-emotional consciousness
in which they were conceived – and, in later years, can be reborn
– take on new spiritual mental awareness in the same spiritual frequency
of vibration of conception, and thereafter live, and evolve, and work from it.
7.47.3 The original frequency of spiritual-emotional consciousness of
conception will become the platform for the child’s spiritual journey.

7.48 Those conceived only of fleshly lustful desires find it difficult to perceive
any truth beyond the evidence of their ears, eyes, touch and smell.
7.49 If you doubt the foregoing, pause and reflect on
the undeviating principle of existence:
7.51 Every living thing only thinks and acts out of that level
of spiritual or ego-consciousness in which they reside.