CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 247
7.38 When I was on earth, I said:

I am the Truth
The Way
And the Life
And so   I was
– and am.
7.39 In these Letters I am giving you theTruth
I am showing you theWay
To achieveAbundant Life.
7.40 It is weakening to the soul to need another agent as a spiritual crutch,
therefore, to depend even on myself
must be recognised as a temporary measure.
7.40.1 For this reason, I am making every effort through my recorder,
to enable you to realise that your true support, mainstay,
SOURCE OF LIFE & BEING are drawn directly from the
all-powerful dimension of Universal Consciousness in equilibrium.
7.41 I have come to YOU – you who are reading this Letter
– to help YOU find LIFE more abundant and what I termed,
when on earth, the Kingdom of Heaven.
What did this statement mean in human terms?
7.42 What did I mean when I said “Life more abundant”?
7.42.1 It is easier for me to describe my meaning to yourselves in 2001
than it was to spell it out clearly to the people in AD.1, but I know that
for many people whose inner spiritual perceptions have not yet been opened,
what I am about to say will be deemed fantastical.