CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 246
7.33.2 In fact, no one can move on to the narrow path leading to the
Kingdom of Heaven and remain there without divergence or deviation
until they have thoroughly experienced the fruits of their hidden impulses. By fully experiencing all they have to offer,
people eventually arrive at a clear understanding that they were
false enticements – not worth the pain and tremendous effort
involved in getting back on the spiritual path again.
7.33.3 Only when the deeply ingrained impulses have been indulged
and the results imprinted in the consciousness, can a deliberate mental
and emotional choice be made to live life on a higher spiritual level. When this final decision is made decisively and positively,
the former impulses are then erased from the consciousness.
7.34 But I have to tell you that when you do make the choice
to live your life on a higher spiritual level,
you have not necessarily come to the end of your problems.
7.34.1 In ignorance of what is real and false in higher spirituality,
you may find yourself attracted to different cults
which will lead you further into a wilderness without ending.
7.35 I, the Christ, have come, through the medium of these Letters,
to show you how to choose the highest goals in your human existence
and your true final destination on your earthly train journey.
7.35.1 In your spiritual quests, you are like people being presented with many
beautifully coloured travel brochures depicting the pleasures and luxuries of
various exotic holiday resorts where you can relax and renew your strength.
7.35.2 One spiritual teacher holds up the enticement of a journey leading
to a specific goal – the resolution of some mental/emotional problem,
whilst another teacher offers another goal and another path to follow.
7.35.3 Each of these spiritual teachers are offering alleviation
of some kind of human pain and suffering which they, themselves,
have experienced in the past and overcome.
Each one has eventually found relief in their own unique way.
7.35.4 There is no doubt that they all have some
valuable message of one kind or another to share with people
who are bewildered by the problems of living and do not know
which way to turn for help and comfort in their difficult existence.
7.35.5 But I have come to you from the highest vantage point of spiritual,
universal existence, through the medium of a mind carefully cleansed
and impregnated with spiritual life and dedicated to the work,
to carry this message to people who are ready to receive it.
7.36 I have come to you to show you who you really are in the deepest
recesses of your individuality … and who and what you can become.
7.37 Just as importantly, I have come to show you the means
by which the transition from the human consciousness
to the higher realms of spiritual consciousness may be achieved.