CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 245
7.27.2 First of all, you will have to go through a cleansing
of the lower consciousness energies you absorbed
during your jaunts into other areas of interest. This may take a long time and you may have to go through
other painful experiences to enable you to go through the necessary
cleansing of your consciousness again.
7.27.2 Everything you do in life, you are either moving forward spiritually,
or moving into areas of consciousness detrimental to your search
and long-term journey towards higher levels of spiritual consciousness.
7.28 You never escape the processes of consciousness
nor from the inexorable working of the Laws of Existence.
7.28.1 You cannot put your life on hold as you dodge off to have a little fling
which you think won’t matter since no one will know.
7.29 Whatever you do is an action in consciousness and whatever it is
– promotional of your well-being or contrary to your highest good
– will have its repercussions of a like nature.
7.30 Everything in your life is related to some other activity in consciousness.
7.30.1 Nothing is isolated from everything else.
7.31 People think that what they do today is in a compartment.
7.31.1 They think that to-day becomes yesterday and is past, it can have
no bearing on their to-day. But – unfortunately for them –
they will find it cropping up in their experience as reaping time
in six months, a year or even ten years ahead
– when the consciousness energies have attracted
what is necessary to bring about their visible manifestation.

7.31.2 Then people wonder – “why did this happen to me? Why me?”

7.32 You must understand that when you embark on a spiritual journey,
you have set foot to a path which will lift
your consciousness vibrations to higher levels.
7.32.1 Carelessness and inconsistency will lead you into a condition
of swinging between levels of vibrationary frequencies.
7.32.2 These times of inconsistency are fraught with emotional pain.
7.32.3 As you swing, the original momentum of spiritual energy
which previously lifted your spiritual vision, dies away and eventually
you complain it is hard to get back to prayer and meditation.
7.32.4 It is difficult to make the contact with Divine Consciousness
that you were able to make before you went off on some pleasurable jaunt
which led to a dropping of your consciousness frequencies.
7.32.5 In this way, by giving in to overpowering impulses,
you make life difficult for yourself, you walk a more rocky path.
7.33 At the same time, the impulses within your consciousness indicate
that certain areas of your human consciousness need refining.
7.33.1 The impulses become the necessary means to teach you
some important lesson.