CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 244
7.24.3 They are like a fly caught in a spider’s web
and the ensuing battle to extricate thoughts
from the lower frequencies of consciousness vibration
can be exhausting and painful.
7.24.4 At such times, constant meditation and prayer, a plea for help,
strength and guidance in achieving the right emotional attitudes
are the only means by which a spiritual traveller can find his way
back from the entrapping lowered energy fields,
to a state of harmony with the heavenly
consciousness frequencies of vibration.

7.25 You may think that the foregoing is too difficult to understand
and not necessary in your search for spiritual upliftment.
7.25.1 On the contrary, this understanding of the nature of your consciousness
is highly important.
7.25.2 If you should find yourself descending
into lowered consciousness frequencies of vibration
and experiencing the conflict between what you are feeling at the moment
and what you know you ought to be feeling or would like to be feeling
– you will experience more control if you realise
you are suffering because you have allowed your normal
spiritual consciousness vibrational frequencies to drop.
7.25.3 Pinpoint the reason and take it to Divine Consciousness
for a resolution of the inner conflict.
7.25.4 In time, guidance as to the correct attitudes
and affirmations to clear the problem
will be given you swiftly in response to your prayer.
7.26 Furthermore, as you lift your level of consciousness frequencies,
you will find that you are inwardly strengthened in spirit and life force
– and the opposite occurs when you find yourself entrapped
in lower consciousness vibrations either through
a personal descent into lower thought frequencies
or by being emotionally drawn into them
through communication with a negative or egotistic personality.
7.26.1 When this happens, you will experience a loss of energy.
7.26.2 This loss of energy results in a depletion
of physical energy in your body cells.
7.27 Therefore, when deliberately setting out on a spiritual journey,
you should visualise yourself as being like a traveller
boarding a train bound for the destination of your choice.
7.27.1 If, when travelling, you leap out of the window on glimpsing
verdant valleys or exciting cities offering pleasures of some sort,
and go wandering into highways and byways far removed
from the journey you had originally undertaken,
you will find it very difficult to resume that original journey.