CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 243
7.19 In this Letter I want to explain clearly that I have come through
the medium of these words to assist receptive people in all stratum of society
– labourer to General, clerk to President,
to work entirely from the standpoint of LOVE.
7.20 There are spiritual/scientific materialistic reasons why it is absolutely
imperative that people should devote all their mental and emotional energies
and sensitivities to bringing their actions and reactions into perfect alignment
and harmony with unconditional LOVE – DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
7.21 To remain within the world-wide state of consciousness
as it exists at this moment is to remain on the
steady downward slide into countless diseases,
misfortunes, upheavals, and deepest suffering.

7.22 Men and women can live in two dimensions of existence in your world
– either exclusively from the level of ego-impulses which are the
controlling forces behind and within all the daily phenomena which comprise
the human daily experience – or – mentally/emotionally poised within
Divine Consciousness whilst their bodies are still living on the earthly plane.
7.23 The fruits of the ego consciousness are discords, disruptions,
climatic upheavals and abnormalities, wars, addictions of every kind,
poverty, diseases, murder, robbery, lying, cheating, slandering, backbiting,
low miserable thoughts, envious thoughts, angry thoughts, bad humours, judgementalism, criticism, sarcasm, rejection of other people, etc.
7.23.1 These consciousness frequencies are forever bringing forth mirror reflections of the circumstances and feeling reactions which gave them birth
– and are continually subject to the highs and lows of fulfilment
of expectations and disappointments, swinging between happiness and misery.
7.24 Those who, through prayer, meditation, self-discipline and determination,
manage to purify their consciousness of ego and lift it by defining
and entertaining ever more sincerely loving thoughts towards
other individuals and the world generally,
gradually ascend in consciousness to the vibrationary frequencies
of the realm of Divine Consciousness – the Kingdom of Heaven,
where they live comfortably and at ease
in harmony with the Universal Laws of Existence.
7.24.1 Such people find that no matter what may be the troubles
and uproar in the world around them, they are nourished, healed,
protected, cared for, and maintained in perfect peace of mind
– providing they remain within the spiritual frequencies of vibration.
7.24.2 When they allow themselves to be drawn down into selfish disputes
and any negative human condition involving any of the attributes of ego,
the peace abruptly disappears and they find themselves trapped
in the consciousness frequencies of vibration which are fed by
similar consciousness frequencies of other people in their environment.