CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 242
7.14 My inspiration radiated to the world at this time,
is received by different natures and different minds.
Due to their prior mental conditioning,
the inspiration will lead each person along a different path.
7.14.1 The messages I am able to insert into their consciousness
will wear differing faces. In some cases, the messages will be grossly distorted by
the recipient who is psychically receptive but possesses an orthodox mind
which clings to the beaten religious tracks of yesteryears.
7.14.2 Any message will be interpreted according to the beliefs already in control. Any message received which might contradict accepted beliefs
will be hurriedly pushed out of mind and authorship attributed to Satan. For this reason, it has been possible only to reach the mind which
is open and eager for truth rather than traditional teaching.
7.15 You can be certain, however, that my personal message will always
awaken people to the urgent need to move away from the restricting
and erroneous tenets of all dogma and institutionalised religion.
7.15.1 The message will open up channels of consciousness
leading to the growth of spiritual awareness. It will be leading people into ever higher and higher dimensions
of celestial thought, as opposed to earthly and materialistic concepts. It will impart a more vivid appreciation of the true nature of your
Source of Being and the universe in which you presently live.
7.16 I prophesied, when on earth, that the time would come when
I would return as “lightning flashes from east to west across the sky”.
7.16.1 This was a graphic description of the way in which
I am presently working. Perhaps, after the foregoing paragraph,
you will accept the lightning has struck world-wide in such a form
as to reach those who are eagerly hoping for my return.
7.17 My Truth is intended to uplift and illumine the minds of those
who are seeking to waken people to the many causes of misery
and future destruction of the planet.
7.18 Countless old souls are acting selflessly
in hundreds of different ways to alleviate the suffering
of people in need, devoting all their energies, time, earthly status,
to the promotion of love for nature, animals and their well-being
and protection, and the future health of the planet itself.
7.18.1 Although these lovely souls may not be aware of it,
none of these concerns arose out of earthly human thought,
exclusively geared towards selfish needs,
but from the dimension of Christ Consciousness
where all living things are seen to be an expression
of the Love/Intelligence of the Source of All Being.