CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 241
7.10 As I speak of the lower frequencies of consciousness which cause
trouble on earth, you will be aware of my wholly compassionate
acceptance of them, for these are but a manifestation of
people’s painful struggles and suffering whilst trying to find
their way towards the LIGHT of their SOURCE of BEING.
7.10.1 I am coming to people – not to condemn
– but to uplift and strengthen them.
7.11 I radiate my Christ Consciousness towards you
by receiving and holding your name and spiritual form in my mind
when you appeal to me for assistance.
7.11.1 And according to your receptivity and freedom from magnetic
bonding~rejection impulses, a little of the Divine Nature of Being
is absorbed by your present consciousness vibrational frequencies
which then experience a strong sense of upliftment.
7.11.2 Therefore, it should be clear to you that as you unload
your earthly consciousness of its emotional bondage,
by mentally/emotionally rejecting the patterns of emotional thought
you perceive to be out of harmony with Divine Love,
so will you become more and more aware of higher inspiration
invading your mind – even your solar plexus –
giving you guidance in times of need
when you are unable to perceive the right course of action
or unable to clear yourself of emotional ego-thinking
when reacting to a troublesome situation.
7.12 With my help, you can live in two dimensions – that of the physical world
in which your body resides, bringing you your experiences
– and that of the higher standpoint of Christ Consciousness which will
enable you to transcend the ego-thinking
and radiate thoughts and feelings into your situations
from that state of being I termed the Kingdom of Heaven.
7.12.1 I am not alone in this work.
7.12.2 There are innumerable most highly, transcendent, spiritual, beautiful,
lovingly-intelligent souls, possessing entrance to the dimension
of Christ Consciousness, working with me to help people.
7.12.3 Although we are in the dimension of Christ Consciousness,
we are all individuals. We are not replicas of each other.
7.12.4 We all express the Christ Consciousness in differing glorious ways
– the emphasis of our activities placed on differing facets of creativity.
7.12.5 We have powerful imaginations and are able to create
and bring into visible, individual form within our own dimension,
those things which are way beyond your present comprehension.
7.13 You will hear that all over the world, people are receiving inspiration,
and are aware of the Christ Presence.