CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 240 The higher the frequency of vibration of consciousness,
the more spiritually loving and beautiful are the thoughts,
the creative imagination, the ideals and beauty of colour and life forms,
for they are rising closer and closer to the dimension of
UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS where the frequencies have become
so heightened as to level out and enter into powerful equilibrium
– the Source of All BeingLOVE.
7.7.6 To you, the outer conditions may appear to be those in which the body
resides but the truth is, it is the Consciousness which dwells within,
experiences and responds to the outer conditions. The body is but a vehicle
making the human consciousness visible to others,
and the condition of the vehicle itself is a manifestation of the level
of spiritual/mental/emotional consciousness which inhabits it.
7.7.7 Therefore, as I said before, as an observer of individual need
and in response to pleas for help, my Consciousness descends
through the various levels of existential consciousness
to reach the sincere suppliant,
for, to give the answers, I must first receive the need.

7.8 And, as I said on the second page, these Letters are a link,
a means of your communication with my Consciousness,
to enable you to be spiritually drawn to, and made receptive
– and then deeply understand and use all the knowledge I wish to share
with you to bring you up the ladder of spiritual consciousness
to its ultimate heights of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

7.9 Because I am in near perfect equilibrium myself, I have the spiritual
power of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS to a near perfect degree.
I am imbued with the nature of Universal Consciousness.
7.9.1 Therefore, my entire consciousness – irrespective of other
people’s thoughts or words, belief or nonbelief, love or hatred,
acceptance or rejection of me,
remains that of pure unconditional LOVE.
7.9.2 It never falters or changes.
7.9.3 My attitudes are consistently those of pure LOVE, CARING
and COMPASSION which I experience as a profound yearning to uplift,
heal and prosper. Therefore, it is perfectly possible for some people,
if sufficiently sensitive to consciousness vibrational frequencies,
to become aware of my presence, or love, or extra life-force,
when they are in a state of conscious yearning, seeking,
praying to know me better or evolve spiritually.