CHRIST Returns Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 24
1.44 A new and important question is already coming into people’s consciousness: “Who are you – really- behind the facade
you present to the world?”. What does it take to be REAL?
1.44.1 It is this question of “Who you really are” which is answered,
on every level of your being, within these pages.
1.45 And if you can accept as your own guidelines for daily living
– all that I understood during my six-weeks desert experience
– you too will eventually become WHOLE and REAL
even as I became WHOLE and REAL before I commenced
my ministry of healing and teaching.
1.46 Since there are few people in the world
who would regard themselves as WHOLE at this present time,
you must surely recognize that there is the most urgent necessity
for me to intrude into your minds to lead you
into a new way of thought and feeling.
1.46.1 Such a change in consciousness will bring you
into Divine harmony with Reality and better living conditions and security.
1.47 To be able to do this work of reconstruction within your consciousness,
I must first impress on your minds – and you must accept –
there was much that I taught in Palestine
which men were not yet ready to receive.
1.48 Significantly, it has never been publicly questioned why
there is no record of my early life as a young man.
What was the true reason for such an all important omission?
1.49 Equally significantly, although I spent six weeks in the desert
after my baptism, and emerged from that experience
as a TEACHER & HEALER, not one writer has even attempted
to describe what actually took place during that time
other than that I was “tempted of the devil” and
“was with the wild beasts”
and the “angels were with him”.
1.50 There is not the slightest hint as to what happened to me in the desert
which would enable me to come back to towns and villages proclaiming
the “Kingdom of God is within!” and to speak in the synagogues
with such authority that the Jewish elders were astonished.
1.51 The truth regarding my human state was, by common consent
of my disciples, suppressed to give greater credence
to my supposed Divinity and ministry.
1.51.1 According to the gospels, it was said of me that I was
the “only Son of God”. Why then, did I frequently
refer to myself as the “Son of Man”?